Repair Center Franchising Opportunities


As a Brothers Tech franchisee, you will start a service center for the repair of mobile phones, laptops and tablets. You will own and run the service center

Only 8 to 10% customers go back to the authorised service center after warranty period is over. Other 90% of customers is lost in the local grey market. We can easily target these remaining 90% of customers. 

Yes. You can run a service center even if you are a non technical  person. You should be a good entrepreneur. We have a sound and robust  process to enable you to run the service center smoothly.

We are interested in forming relationships with qualified franchisees interested in multiple locations and will work with each franchise candidate to develop the territory that works best for each individual.

Currently we do not offer any financing options for potential franchisees. You need to arrange own funds.

Our franchisees would already be people with excellent managerial skills. We would further equip them with business education training, technical training, extensive manuals on operations and Information Technology. In addition to this, they will also receive support visits from our functional experts who would constantly guide and update them on the market trends to make this business a success. We expect franchisees to pick up good business knowledge in the first year of operations itself, with all our support and guidance.

Brothers Tech will assist you in hiring the staff and also provide you with the database of technical staff, if we have any.

There are normally 3-4 people in the store. However, depending on repair volumes and footfall, more people may be added later on.

All employees shall be on the payrolls of the Franchise and their salaries shall be payable by the Franchise.

The ideal location is where there is huge residential area or commercial area. The store need not be on a ground floor or on a main street. It should just be easily locatable

Marketing and lead generation efforts will be funneled through the website & Brothers Tech social media platforms.  Additionally you can create awareness by leveraging your existing networks.

The contract period is for five years and is renewable.

No, franchise fees are used to build, stock and launch the store. Thus they need to be fully paid 60 days before the launch of the store.

60 Days from the final payment of franchise fees.

  1. Complete the form
  2. Our franchise office will send you an application form and confidentiality agreement
  3. Once you return these, we’ll send you the Franchise Disclosure Document which
    contains the core information to evaluate the investment opportunity
  4. We discuss your questions
  5.  Provide the Franchise Agreement
  6. Final questions and discussions
  7. Sign the agreement and celebrate with champagne
  8. Payment
  9. Establishment
  10. Opening date

    Unencumbered Investment Capital Available?

    Would you prefer a newly set up or existing business?

    Who Will Manage This Business?

    Declaration & Acknowledgement
    I declare that all information provided in support of this Franchise Application is true.

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    Consumer Perception of Brand

    Brothers Tech
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    Frank ChitexFrank Chitex
    09:42 04 Mar 22
    thank you my africans brothers I'm very happy for your services ....mustafa and Arnold
    13:56 05 Jan 22
    Brothers tech... You always makes my day with your friendly service and lasting repairs. Stay blessed Stefi n Rishan
    Sikhonzinkosi NcubeSikhonzinkosi Ncube
    19:38 01 Dec 21
    I took my 2 kids 's phones for repair yesterday . The service that I got from those guys was excellent. Even when I went back to collect the phones were repaired perfectly. My kids are very happy. Keep on with the good work 👍. Thank you Brothers Tech.
    prince siyandaprince siyanda
    07:47 16 Nov 21
    Good and affordable appliances, they have good customer service. Original merchandise. reki best technician fix my phone
    Esther OlajideEsther Olajide
    12:58 13 Nov 21
    Very professional and will always choose them over want other store for my phone repairs and purchases. Riki and Stef are the best. They were able to help me sort my issues.

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